Pakistan’s Mr Bean made a fight Before the Pakistan and Zimbabwe cricket match


Before the Pakistan and Zimbabwe cricket match, fans of both teams face to face.

A war broke out between the cricket teams of Pakistan and Zimbabwe before the match.

Pakistan cricket team will face Zimbabwe in the next match of T20 World Cup 2022.

The fans of both the teams are quite excited and are seen challenging each other regarding the match with their old sayings.

A Pakistani team supporter on Twitter retweeted a tweet of the Pakistan Cricket Board and wrote, “Don’t you see these people coming?”

To which the Zimbabwean fan replied that we have not forgiven you. You guys once sent a fake Mr. Bean. We will solve this problem tomorrow, pray for rain only that can save you guys.

When a user asked him to explain the matter, the Zimbabwean fan replied that Pakistan had sent a fake Mr. Bean claiming to be the British actor Rowan Atkinson who played the iconic role of Bean on TV. Is.

As soon as the conversation between the fans of the two teams went viral on social media, reactions came from all over the world, then people were stunned to know the reason behind such a warning before the match.

Apart from this war of words on Twitter, Pakistani Mr. Bean’s tweet is also circulating.

It should be noted that Asif Muhammad, who is recognized as Pakistani Mr. Bean, is a Pakistani whose appearance is similar to Rowan Atkinson and he imitates Mr. Bean very well.

In 2016, Asif Muhammad went to Zimbabwe where he was mistaken for Mr Bean.