Shan Masood 52* Runs Highlights vs India T20 World Cup 2022


Watch Shan Masood 52* Runs Highlights vs India T20 World Cup 2022. Masood was hit by a stray shot during practice session on Friday but shook it off to play a pivotal 52-run innings in the T20 World Cup 2022. A solid and technically sound left-hand opener, Shan Masood made it to the international side after impressing consistently at junior-level cricket.

Shami to Masood, FOUR runs

Four precious runs. Backs away in the other direction this time, and Shami follows him with a length ball on leg stump. Looks to carve it square, gets a thick edge that flies between keeper and short third

Miscue, but it falls into no-man’s land, and it’s a dead ball too, because the ball has hit the spidercam wire. Stepped out, didn’t reach the pitch of the offbreak, and skewed the ball up and down into the cover point region.

Premal: “Is the outfield slow or the Pak batsman havent timed the ball well? Already three 3s in the match but no tracer bullet to the boundary.” — Huge outfield at the MCG.

Shami to Masood, 1 run

Brilliant catch by Ashwin, diving forward at fine leg! But Masood is standing his ground, waiting for the third umpire to check it. Banged in short, another top-edged pull, and Ashwin did so well, racing in off the rope and diving forwards to snaggle it just before the turf… or did he?! “I’ve got the ball on the ground,” says Richard Kettleborough, the TV umpire, “I am ready for the big screen.” Not out. Ashwin actually misjudged the catch, moving back before running forwards, which ended up costing him.

Hardik to Masood, FOUR runs

Top-edges the pull… but it flies away past fine leg, to his left. Hardik cranks it up to 90mph/145kph, surely the quickest ball of the match so far, and the extra bounce means Masood’s top-edges as he looks to swat it away. But it lands safely, and he picks up four

Some running repairs for Masood, who has the physio out there. Looks like he’s getting some magic spray on his left hand. He’ll be OK to continue.

Rohit: “Seems like 145-155 pitch, would be right up Pak’s alley anything around or above that”

Hardik to Masood, no run

Briliant work from Hardik in his follow-through and they will check this for a possible run-out… but Masood was just back. Cramped for room by a length ball angling into his pads, and Masood set off looking for the single. Superb athleticism from Hardik, racing towards short midwicket and throwing the stumps down, but Masood scrambled back in time. 87mph/140kph

Shami to Masood, 3 runs

Whipped off the pads this time. Shami over-adjusts, and Masood rolls the wrists to work through square leg. The fielder, Hooda, gives chase and hauls it back in

Shami to Masood, FOUR runs

Slashed away through point! Very wide outside off, back of a length, and Masood back-cuts with precision, finding the gap between backward point and cover. 86mph/138kph

Arshdeep Singh to Masood, FOUR runs

Clipped away fine. 82mph/132kph, angling in and swinging down the leg side. A freebie on the pads, and Masood cashes in

Bhuvneshwar to Masood, no run

Cuts him in half but Masood survives. Length ball, swinging back in late. Skewed away to Rahul at first slip who takes a good low chance, but hardly an appeal from India. Clearly struck him high on the thigh after missing the inside edge

Arshdeep Singh to Masood, 1 run

Masood BBQs himself but Kohli’s throw is wide! The adrenaline is pumping on both sides. Masood defends a length ball straight to mid-off and sets off for an impossible single. Kohli, at mid-off, is close to the stumps and underarms from point-blank range, but somehow misses with Masood hardly in the frame!

Arshdeep Singh to Masood, no run

Beaten flashing outside off. Tentative shot from Masood, looking to poke away from his body. Arshdeep’s outswinger is too good for him. 82mph/132kph