Watch Pakistan vs India T20 Match Highlights | ICC T20 World Cup 2022


Watch Pakistan vs India T20 Match Highlights | ICC T20 World Cup 2022. Watch VIDEO PAK vs IND T20 Match Highlights | ICC T20 World Cup 2022


Arshdeep Singh: “I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I guess it’ll never come again, so I just wanted to enjoy myself and have fun. We wanted to make use of the long square boundaries, so the plan was to hit the wickets and the pads. I guess we’ll do our best and chase this down.”

8.53pm Phew, what an entertaining innings that was, from start to finish. Pakistan finish on 159, which they’ll be pleased with given the start they made, but will it be enough? We’ll see very soon.

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Jigar Panchal: “145 could have been a good target from India point of view. Target is 15 more than that.”

Suraj: “Many may disagree but i think this score is 10 runs below the par total.”

Prashanth : “Though the wickets have fallen upfront and in the middle, India never controlled the run rate because of the huge gaps in the field due to big ground. Indian grounds are very small compared to MCG. India should try to rotate the strike to win this game. “

DJ: “The last ball covers how the innings was for india. Batsman misses, keeper misses and the bowlers follows suit to conceed an overthrow. Fielding was poor throughout.”

Naeem Chishti: “Would be a great battle chasing 160 runs by great indian batters facing great quicks of Pakistan. Lets wait”

Bhuvneshwar to Shaheen Shah Afridi, OUT

Eight down. Shortish on leg stump, and the ball seems to hold up on the pitch. Afridi swings through a pull, plays too early, and ends up popping the ball back to the bowler off his glove

Shaheen Shah Afridi c & b Kumar 16 (17m 8b 1×4 1×6) SR: 200
Arshdeep Singh to Asif Ali, OUT

Wow. Superb delivery to bag his third. Not the greatest look for Asif against the short ball. 137kph. Looks to duck, it doesn’t get up as much as he expects, and he ends up having to get his bat up to protect his face, and ends up gloving the ball behind to DK

Asif Ali c †Karthik b Arshdeep Singh 2 (6m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Hardik to Nawaz, OUT

Gone, Hardik gets his third. Knows Nawaz is looking to create room, and bowls a short-of-length ball at his body. Actually straightens into him even as he backs away, and bounces a little extra. Tries to run it down past short third, who has just moved into the circle, and the extra bounce ensures he only manages to glove it to the keeper

Mohammad Nawaz c †Karthik b Pandya 9 (12m 6b 2×4 0x6) SR: 150
Hardik to Haider Ali, OUT

And again, the hard length proves extremely difficult to go after. Angling into middle and leg, so there’s very little room to work with either. Clears his front leg, goes hard with that diagonal bat, and hits it straight down the throat of deep midwicket

Haider Ali c Yadav b Pandya 2 (6m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Hardik to Shadab, OUT

Hits a hard length, angling in towards off stump, and Shadab looks to take it on. Clears his front leg to slog over the on side, but it’s a hard thing to do against this sort of length. Goes with a diagonal bat, slices it a little, and only succeeds in launching it straight to long-on

Shadab Khan c Yadav b Pandya 5 (6m 6b 1×4 0x6) SR: 83.33
Shami to Iftikhar, OUT

Another lbw appeal, and Shami has removed the dangerman! Superb bowling, full, with late tail into the right-hander. Again, Iftikhar looks to punch down the ground without getting forward, just clears his front leg and throws a straight bat at the ball, and this time the ball sneaks past his inside edge to thud into his back leg, plumb in front

Iftikhar Ahmed lbw b Mohammed Shami 51 (43m 34b 2×4 4×6) SR: 150
Arshdeep Singh to Rizwan, OUT

Bounced out, top-edged down Bhuvi’s throat! India are all over Pakistan, whose prolific openers have managed four runs off 13 balls between them. Arshdeep drops short, Rizwan takes on the hook shot but is rushed for pace by the extra bounce. Fine leg is set deep on the rope, and completes a straightforward catch. Arshdeep has another!

Mohammad Rizwan c Kumar b Arshdeep Singh 4 (25m 12b 1×4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Arshdeep Singh to Babar Azam, OUT

Full, straight, pinned lbw first ball! Erasmus raises the finger but Babar will review. This looked stone dead live. Full, swinging into the pads. Babar was looking to work it away with a roll of the wrists but it skidded into his shin. Was it doing too much to clip leg stump? Ultra-Edge confirms no bat involved. Pitched in line, impact in line, hitting leg stump three-quarters of the way up! Babar trudges off.

Babar Azam lbw b Arshdeep Singh 0 (10m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Bhuvneshwar to Haris Rauf, SIX runs

Wow, that’s certainly the shot of a local lad. Looks for the leg-stump yorker, lands it a few inches too full, and Rauf clears his front leg and whips the full-toss up and over the forward square leg boundary

Arshdeep Singh to Shaheen Shah Afridi, FOUR runs

Wow, Afridi’s having a big impact on this game, and he hasn’t bowled a ball yet. Steps out, and Arshdeep tries to york him, but doesn’t quite succeed. Gets his front leg out of the way and hammers a drive between the bowler and mid-off

Arshdeep Singh to Shaheen Shah Afridi, SIX runs

Wham! Looks to follow Afridi with a back-of-a-length ball as he backs away to create room, and doesn’t get the ball close enough to his body. Gives him the swinging room he needs to absolutely hammer a baseball swat over the boundary in front of square leg

Shami to Masood, FOUR runs

Just eludes mid-on! Nicely timed, though. Full, angling into the stumps, and he clips it in the air, just past the left hand of Ashwin diving to his left from mid-on

Shami to Masood, FOUR runs

Four precious runs. Backs away in the other direction this time, and Shami follows him with a length ball on leg stump. Looks to carve it square, gets a thick edge that flies between keeper and short third

Hardik to Nawaz, FOUR runs

Shot. Mid-off was up in the circle, and he stepped out, making a bit of room as well, and got close to the pitch of this ball angling across him to loft it up and over that fielder

Hardik to Nawaz, FOUR runs

Short, angling away from the left-hander, but ends up offering quite a lot of room. Carves it away, and finds the gap to the right of deep third

Shami to Shadab, FOUR runs

Another full inswinger, on off stump, but this time it ends up as a half-volley. Shadab keeps a nice, still head and shows the full face to drive between the bowler and mid-off

Axar Patel to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Stunning, stunning assault. Axar goes outside off this time, still flat, and gets a smidge of turn. Goes hard for the lofted hit from the crease, slices it slightly, but Rahul, sprinting right from long-off and diving, can’t quite get his fingertips to the ball

Axar Patel to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Stunning. Axar bowls at a fair clip, so getting down the pitch to him isn’t east, but he makes his decision early, leaves his crease quickly, and gets right to the pitch of this leg-stumpish ball to launch it straight back, high and far

Axar Patel to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Flat length ball speared in towards leg stump, and that’s superb from Iftikhar. Not a lot of turn on offer, so he can go against the turn without too much worry. Clears his front leg as he swats down on his back knee, and slog-sweeps over wide long-on

Ashwin to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Massive. Steps out to a flat offbreak, doesn’t get to the pitch, but uses the extra bounce to get under the ball and launch it high over long-on. Clears the man on the boundary with ease, lands it five rows back

Hardik to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

Finds the gap this time. There are men out at deep third and deep point, but Iftikhar threads the gap between them. There’s width outside off, and he flashes hard at it, picking up four

Hardik to Masood, FOUR runs

Top-edges the pull… but it flies away past fine leg, to his left. Hardik cranks it up to 90mph/145kph, surely the quickest ball of the match so far, and the extra bounce means Masood’s top-edges as he looks to swat it away. But it lands safely, and he picks up four

Shami to Masood, FOUR runs

Slashed away through point! Very wide outside off, back of a length, and Masood back-cuts with precision, finding the gap between backward point and cover. 86mph/138kph

Bhuvneshwar to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

Banged in short, wide outside off. Iftikhar picks the short ball, and flat-bats a pull through wide mid-on for four! Sat up nicely, with enough width for him to really free his arms, and Ashwin was a spectator at mid-on

Arshdeep Singh to Masood, FOUR runs

Clipped away fine. 82mph/132kph, angling in and swinging down the leg side. A freebie on the pads, and Masood cashes in

Arshdeep Singh to Rizwan, FOUR runs

Tickled away fine for the first boundary off the bat. Arshdeep went full and straight, looking for the magic ball again, but it was slightly overpitched as it tailed in late. Rizwan clips the low full toss away, rolling the wrists and whipping it fine