Iftikhar Ahmed 51 Runs Highlights vs India T20 World Cup 2022


Watch Iftikhar Ahmed 51 Runs Highlights vs India T20 World Cup 2022. 2Iftikhar Ahmed Scores Half-Century, Smashes Axar Patel.

Shami to Iftikhar, OUT

Another lbw appeal, and Shami has removed the dangerman! Superb bowling, full, with late tail into the right-hander. Again, Iftikhar looks to punch down the ground without getting forward, just clears his front leg and throws a straight bat at the ball, and this time the ball sneaks past his inside edge to thud into his back leg, plumb in front

Iftikhar Ahmed lbw b Mohammed Shami 51 (43m 34b 2×4 4×6) SR: 150
Axar Patel to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Stunning, stunning assault. Axar goes outside off this time, still flat, and gets a smidge of turn. Goes hard for the lofted hit from the crease, slices it slightly, but Rahul, sprinting right from long-off and diving, can’t quite get his fingertips to the ball

Axar Patel to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Stunning. Axar bowls at a fair clip, so getting down the pitch to him isn’t east, but he makes his decision early, leaves his crease quickly, and gets right to the pitch of this leg-stumpish ball to launch it straight back, high and far

Axar Patel to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Flat length ball speared in towards leg stump, and that’s superb from Iftikhar. Not a lot of turn on offer, so he can go against the turn without too much worry. Clears his front leg as he swats down on his back knee, and slog-sweeps over wide long-on

Ashwin to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Massive. Steps out to a flat offbreak, doesn’t get to the pitch, but uses the extra bounce to get under the ball and launch it high over long-on. Clears the man on the boundary with ease, lands it five rows back

Hardik to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

Finds the gap this time. There are men out at deep third and deep point, but Iftikhar threads the gap between them. There’s width outside off, and he flashes hard at it, picking up four

Moose: “I’m born in Melbourne and lived here for 37 years. I’m at the game and this is the loudest I have ever heard the MCG. Beats all Australian rules games. The noise is incredible”

MUK: “Sitting in Kyrgyzstan which is a hub to both Pakistani and Indian Students. Seems like a decent start considering the conditions. Need a good partnership from here onwards.”

Furqan Durrani: “India were 31/3 after 6 in Dubai last year. Pak have managed 32/2. Powerplay might prove to be the difference again.”

Hardik to Iftikhar, 3 runs

Takes on the pull. Back of a length again, but a fraction shorter and enough width for Iftikhar to free his arms. He drags the pull into the leg side, and they scamper back for three. They’re checking a short run at the bowler’s end… and it’s called short apologies, Iftikhar had something behind the line. Not a short run after all

Hardik to Iftikhar, no run

Hard length, nips away off the seam and beats Iftikhar on the outside edge as he looks to fence it away through point. Steepling bounce from just short of a good length

Bhuvneshwar to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

Banged in short, wide outside off. Iftikhar picks the short ball, and flat-bats a pull through wide mid-on for four! Sat up nicely, with enough width for him to really free his arms, and Ashwin was a spectator at mid-on