Flood of memes on Twitter after India’s defeat, Irfan Pathan was mocked


India’s “Grace” is growing every year. The Indian team is being trolled on Twitter after being defeated by England in the semi-final of T20 World Cup 2022.

In the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup, the Indian bowlers did not work in front of England’s opening pair and England achieved the target of 169 runs without the loss of any wicket in four overs. But they are expressing their emotions and feelings through memes.

Afshan Malik wrote what a dignified defeat.

PTI General Secretary Asad Umar also contributed to the trolling party.

A user wrote that what is bad for others is bad for him.

In a meme, Kohli is calling Babar and asking, Hello, how does Babar make it to the final?

In a meme, the air hostesses of Air India stand ready to take the Indian team back home.

One user wrote that when an Indian argues with you, just say: 152/0 and 170/0.

A user responded to Irfan Pathan’s taunts to Pakistanis and wrote; India is getting better every year with GRACE, 152/0 against Pakistan last year and 170/0 against England this year.

Marwa Abbasi advises Irfan Pathan to re-read the definition of GRACE.

A user said playing cricket in Australia is more difficult than playing cricket in Bollywood.

Mohammad Sadiq said India needs to learn from Pakistan not IPL.