Fakhar Zaman’s Magnificent 117 Runs Highlights vs New Zealand in 1st ODI Rawalpindi

Fakhar Zaman's Magnificent 117 Runs Highlights vs New Zealand in 1st ODI
Fakhar Zaman's Magnificent 117 Runs Highlights vs New Zealand in 1st ODI

Fakhar Zaman’s Magnificent 117 Runs Highlights vs New Zealand in 1st ODI

Prelude to the Match

The first One Day International (ODI) between Pakistan and New Zealand took place on April 27, 2023, in Rawalpindi. This day-night encounter marked the beginning of New Zealand’s tour of Pakistan, and both teams were eager to start the series on a high note.

Early Innings: Setting the Foundation

Opening Partnership

Pakistan won the toss and elected to ball first. Fakhar Zaman and his opening partner provided a solid start for the team, with an impressive opening partnership of 76 runs. The duo played cautiously at first, focusing on rotating the strike and building a strong foundation for the innings.

Fakhar Zaman celebrates after scoring a hundred•Apr 27, 2023•PCB
Fakhar Zaman celebrates after scoring a hundred Apr 27, 2023 PCB

Zaman’s Initial Aggression

Fakhar Zaman looked in fine touch from the outset, scoring boundaries off loose deliveries and maintaining a healthy strike rate. He took calculated risks and kept the scoreboard ticking, ensuring that the run rate remained competitive.

Middle Overs: Consolidation and Building Momentum

Zaman’s Key Partnerships

After the initial partnership, Zaman was involved in crucial partnerships with the middle-order batsmen. He played the anchor role, rotating the strike and allowing his partners to play their natural game. These partnerships contributed significantly to the team’s total and set the stage for a competitive score.

New Zealand’s Bowling Strategies

New Zealand’s bowlers tried various strategies to contain the Pakistani batsmen and get breakthroughs. They experimented with different lines and lengths, and even introduced spinners in the middle overs. However, Zaman and his partners were up to the challenge, negotiating the bowling changes with aplomb.

Closing Overs: Fakhar Zaman’s Final Flourish

Striking Boundaries

As the innings progressed, Zaman became more aggressive, targeting the boundary ropes with powerful shots. He was particularly ruthless against anything pitched in his arc, dispatching the ball with authority and disdain.

Reaching the Century Mark

Fakhar Zaman brought up his well-deserved century in the 45th over with a glorious boundary. The crowd erupted in applause as he raised his bat to acknowledge their support. He continued to score runs at a brisk pace, ensuring that Pakistan reached a formidable total.

New Zealand’s Chase

New Zealand’s chase started with a steady opening partnership, but the

Pakistani bowlers struck at regular intervals, keeping the pressure on the Kiwi batsmen. Despite some resistance from the middle order, New Zealand struggled to maintain the required run rate, and wickets continued to tumble.

Impact of Zaman’s Innings on the Match

Fakhar Zaman’s brilliant 117 runs played a pivotal role in setting a challenging target for New Zealand. His innings not only provided stability at the top of the order but also set the tone for a competitive total. His aggressive approach put pressure on the New Zealand bowlers, making it difficult for them to execute their plans effectively.

Fakhar Zaman’s Career Highlights

Fakhar Zaman has been a consistent performer for Pakistan in limited-overs cricket. His aggressive style of play, coupled with his ability to score big runs, has made him a valuable asset for the team. This match-winning innings against New Zealand further cemented his reputation as a top-order batsman capable of turning games in his team’s favor.

Reactions from the Cricketing World

Zaman’s magnificent innings was widely praised by fans and experts alike. Many took to social media to express their admiration for his performance, highlighting his ability to rise to the occasion and deliver when it mattered the most.


Fakhar Zaman’s 117 runs against New Zealand in the 1st ODI showcased his skill and temperament on the big stage. His innings played a crucial role in setting up a competitive total and ultimately securing a win for Pakistan. As the series progresses, fans will be eager to see if Zaman can continue his fine form and lead Pakistan to more victories.

Milne to Zaman, FOUR runs

On the pads, easy pickings, he slams it wristily and it all rolls over through midwicket for a lovely boundary. That’s a commanding way to open the account. Excellent start from Fakhar!

Milne to Zaman, FOUR runs

Round the wicket, banged in short and strays in his line, he bludgeoned it behind square on the leg side, no chance for deep fine leg to cut it off. Pakistan get off to a flier!

Milne to Zaman, FOUR runs

Swings the next ball with vigour into the crowd for four! Carted away over midwicket for a boundary, it was out of the sweet spot.

Henry to Zaman, FOUR runs

Gives him a charge and swats it with disdain past midwicket for a boundary! Everything so right about that stroke. Picked the length early and panned to the rope

Milne to Zaman, FOUR runs

Flays him over square leg’s right for a blistering boundary, vintage Fakhar, blasting away! On the pads and he doesn’t miss out, staggering batting display from the southpaw

Mitchell to Zaman, FOUR runs

Round the wicket, filthy half-tracker outside off, he butchers it away to deep cover-point, Chapman covers a lot of distance, runs across and puts in a full-length dive, I think he touched the boundary skirting while trying to get rid of the ball, it looks like it was in contact with the knee when his elbow was touching the rope and yes it’s a four

Mitchell to Zaman, FOUR runs

What a way to bring up his half-century! A gorgeous cover drive, picks it early and sends it soaring away. A delicious boundary and superb placement to get to the milestone

Mitchell to Zaman, SIX runs

Fakhar pumps Mitchell over mid-wicket for a humongous six! A 92 meters smack into the aisles and to cause delirium in the stands

Ravindra to Zaman, FOUR runs

Improvisation at its best! Brings out the reverse sweep and he has nailed it to perfection, beats the fielder inside the ring and gets a boundary

Tickner to Zaman, FOUR runs

Short and pulled away exquisitely through midwicket for a blazing boundary. Stand and deliver smack right out of the meat of the bat. It has got enough legs on it to reach the fence as the fielder runs across in vain

Milne to Zaman, FOUR runs

Short and insolently pulled away to deep square leg boundary, beats the fielder by a fair margin, that was belted!

Sodhi to Zaman, FOUR runs

Inverses his stance and nails the reverse sweep to perfection, rapacious shot for a boundary

Sodhi to Zaman, FOUR runs

Smites it! Gets down on one knee and clobbers this past backward square for a boundary

Milne to Zaman, FOUR runs

He has been in superman mode, extraordinary piece of batting as he lashes it away past midwicket for a boundary. It was in his hitting zone and he didn’t miss out

Ravindra to Zaman, OUT

Over the wicket, tossed up on a fuller length, a false stroke, he has a mighty swing at it across the line and doesn’t time the slog sweep well, it lobs up in the air and Bowes takes a regulation catch at mid-on, an anticlimactic finish to a wonderful knock as Ravindra gets his first wicket and it’s a huge one!

Fakhar Zaman c Bowes b Ravindra 117 (114b 13×4 1×6) SR: 102.63

Pakistan 255/4Fakhar Zaman 117 (114b 13×4 1×6)


  1. What was Fakhar Zaman’s final score in the 1st ODI against New Zealand?
    • Fakhar Zaman scored a fantastic 117 runs in the match.
  2. How did Zaman’s innings impact the outcome of the game?
    • Zaman’s innings set the foundation for a competitive total, which proved crucial in securing a victory for Pakistan.
  3. What was the final result of the 1st ODI between Pakistan and New Zealand?
    • Pakistan won the match, with Fakhar Zaman’s innings playing a pivotal role in the victory.
  4. When and where was the 1st ODI between Pakistan and New Zealand held?
    • The 1st ODI took place on April 27, 2023, in Rawalpindi.
  5. How many boundaries did Fakhar Zaman hit during his innings of 117 runs?
    • The exact number of boundaries hit by Zaman during his innings is not mentioned in this article. However, it is noted that he struck several powerful boundaries, especially during the closing overs.


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